Current Research

Qualitative research study

Individuals' Perceptions and Behaviours of Privacy on the Internet. An objective is to explore the discrepancies which commonly appear between offline and online privacy behaviours. Research questions are drawn from themes of trust, security, safety, privacy, possessions and interactions.

A joint project with University of Cambridge and the European Commission Network of Excellence in Internet Science (EINS).

Socio-Cultural Foresight: Psycognitive Cultural Foresight

How the future is shaped by the Psycognitive mental models held by individuals and cultures within society. The research has two primary aims. The first is to develop an innovative methodological approach to the elicitation and analysis of the deeply-rooted core material that gives rise to the shape of cultures, strategic behavioural responses, and future latent needs. From this analytical platform, the second aim is to explore the question, what's next? Where do future possibilities and opportunities lie?

Qualitative research study

Presence: The influence of digital experiences on the capacity for individual presence. This research examines what constitutes human presence, and explores new constructs of presence and interaction in a digitally-mediated world.


European Commission Network of Excellence in Internet Science: Joint Research Activity (JRA2) The Emergence of Theories and Design Methodologies.

European Commission Network of Excellence in Internet Science Joint Research Activity (JRA5) Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms.


Presentations, Lectures and Tutorials

3rd Network of Excellence in Internet Science Summer School: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens. Tutorial:  A Mirror of the Human Condition in the Smart City, 13 - 19 July 2014, Greece.


Recent Projects

Qualitative Research Study: Empirically grounded reflections drawn from a study of an experimental interdisciplinary EINS JRA2 workshop. In collaboration with the Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University.

Co-organised EINS JRA2 Workshop:  The objective of the 'Thinking Architecturally' workshop was to explore the concepts of architecture, design and designing through the lens of different disciplines. November 2013, Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University.

Online Trust & Security Consultancy Assignment: An investigation of the psychology of trust and security offline and online for a leading South African bank. In collaboration with Human Factors International.

Research Identity and Privacy: Shifting notions of identity and trust and the implications for emerging layers of privacy. Research theme: the dimensions of identity, trust and privacy as sociocultural and psychological phenomena. An examination of the influences of digital experiences on the notion of identity and trust and privacy behaviours.

A major Study for the European Commission DG Information Society & Media 'Towards a Future Internet: Interrelation between Technological, Social and Economic Trends.' In collaboration with Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University and SCF Associates.

A scoping study for OECD International Futures Programme, ' The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Shaping the Family of the Future to 2030.' In collaboration with SCF Associates.

A development and implementation program for the social transition of orphaned and abandoned adolescent girls at high risk. The exploration of internet technologies (eg social networks, forums, blogs, etc) as enabling tools to develop the capabilities necessary to enter society. The New Roots Foundation, Antigua, Guatemala.

Recent Presentations, Lectures and Tutorials

A Reflective Examination of a Process for Innovation and Collaboration in Internet Science.
1st International Conference in Internet Science, April 9 - 11 2013, Brussels.

Integration of Psycognitive States to Broaden Augmented Cognition Frameworks.
7th International Conference Augmented Cognition. HCI International 21 - 26 July 2013, Las Vegas.

ICT-mediated information sharing in public spaces: dealing with privacy, diversity, and time.
World Social Science Forum, October 2013, Montreal.
2nd Network of Excellence in Internet Science Summer School

A Kaleidoscope of Atoms, Algorithms and Human Beings: A Spectrum of Behavioural Analysis.
7 -11 October 2013, Annecy, France.

University of Oslo, Computer Science Department: The Overall Context of the Future Internet:
The Interrelationship Between The Technological, Social and Economic Trends, The Interrelationship Between The Psychological Anatomy of Users & The Future Internet. May 2012.

1st Network of Excellence in Internet Science Summer School: 'Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms.' Dimensions of Online Trust, Identity, Privacy & Security as Social, Cultural & Psychological Phenomena. August 2012, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University. Available from:

EINS JRA5 Workshop: 'Internet Trust: Reputation, Identity and Privacy.' Identity: The Foundation of Privacy. December 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Psycognition: Cognitive Architectures for Augmented Cognition Systems.  HCI International July 2011, Orlando, Florida.

Mobile Tangos: The Latin American Experience in Mobile Devices & The Behaviours of Usage.  Wireless World Research Forum - WWRF27 October 2011, Dusseldorf, Germany.