kg smallDr. Karmen Guevara is a Human Scientist whose expertise lies in the nexus between individuals, society, and digital technology. She specialises in the human behavioural and Psycognitive analysis of individuals, cultures and societies, and the interrelationships with information communication technologies.

She adopts a humanistic approach from which she draws her methodological frameworks and analytic models.  Karmen's unique approach comes from the blending of different disciplines: Human Sciences, Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Holistic Psychotherapy and Buddhism.

The primary focus of her consultancy and research lies in the following areas:

  • Technology Foresight
  • Impact of Technology on Individuals, Cultures  & Society
  • Psycognitive Sociocultural Analysis
  • Psycognition - Analysis of Subconscious Processes Underlying Behavioural Strategies
  • Human Requirements for Emerging Internet Technologies
  • Human-Computer Interaction: The Design of Next-Generation Technologies
  • Human Privacy requirements for Internet Technologies