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Papers: Recent and Selected

•    “Integration of Psycognitive States to Broaden Augmented Cognition Frameworks.” D.D. Schmorrow and C.M. Fidopiastis (Eds.): AC/HCII 2013, LNAI 8027, pp. 423–432, 2013. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013

•    “ICT-mediated information sharing in public spaces: dealing with privacy, diversity, and time.” Antoniadis, Apostol, Guevara, Trifunovic. World Social Science Forum 2013, Montreal.

•    “A Reflective Examination of a Process for Innovation and Collaboration in Internet Science." Guevara, Blackwell. 1st International Conference on Internet Science, Brussels, April 2013.

•    "Future Internet Assembly Research Roadmap Paper ", written as part of ”The Next Internet Explained:  The psychological, social and economic forces that will shape the future internet.” Future Internet Assembly Research Roadmap - Framework 8: Towards Research Priorities for the Future Internet. Brussels Workshop, March 2011.

•    "Psycognition: Cognitive Architectures for Augmented Cognition Systems." Posters, Part I, HCII 2011, CCIS 173, pp. 275–279, 2011. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

•    "Cognitive Architectures for Supporting Strategic Behaviours in Adaptive Systems. The Human-Electronic Crew: The Right Stuff?" Proceedings of the 4th Joint GAF/RAF/USAF Workshop on Human-Computer Teamwork. 23 - 26 September 1997, Page 61. (available for download)

•     “Creating Organisations Fit For The Human Spirit Through Hakomi,” Hakomi Journal, Issue 12, 1996. (available for download)

•    “The Search for Meaning in a Changing Work Context,” Futures, Vol. 28 1996.

•    “Putting Fire In The Organisational Belly,” Management Consultancy, November 1994.

•    “The Workstation – Quo Vadis?”  Informatics, Communications Engineering International, Aug.1981.

Technical Reports

•    Towards a Future Internet: Interrelation between Technological, Social and Economic Trends, Report for DG Information Society and Media. European Commission, November 2010.

•    The Future of the Family to 2030 – A Scoping Report. OECD International Futures Programme. December 2008. 

•    UK Defence Policy: UK Industry Policy for Human-Computer-Interaction for Communications Information Systems. Ministry of Defence, 1999.

•    The Impact of Digital Information on Society: The Past, Present & Future. Stanford Research Institute, 1999.

•    Psycognition: An Exploration of the Strategic Behaviours Underlying Fighter Pilots’ Decision Making in Critical Incidents. U.K. Defence Research Agency, July 1997.

•    Human-Related Causes of Breakdowns and Failures in Critical Software Systems. UK Procurement Executive Ministry of Defence, UK July 1995.

•    The Path of Principles. UK Procurement Executive, Ministry of Defence, March 1994.

•    Beyond the Range of Arrows. UK Procurement Executive Ministry of Defence, UK July 1993.