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Areas of Expertise

Karmen Guevara is an independent consultant and research scientist specialising in the socio-cultural and psychological dimensions of future technologies, human requirements for the design of next generation technologies and Psycognitive socio-cultural analysis. She has worked with a wide variety of clients in the UK, Europe and internationally. Her extensive experience spans a wide range of industry sectors from energy, intelligence, finance, technology to gaming and defence.  


Areas of Expertise

Research Studies and Investigations

  • Technology Foresight
  • The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Individuals, Cultures and Society
  • Psycognitive Analysis of Individuals, Cultures and Societies and the Inter-relationships with Information Communication Technologies
  • Psycognitive Socio-Cultural Analysis
  • Psycognition – Analysis of Subconscious Processes Underlying Behavioural Strategies


Design – Human Centered Design

  • Human Requirements for Emerging Internet Technologies

  • Human-Computer Interaction: The Design of Next-Generation Technologies
  • Human Privacy Requirements for Internet Technologies
  • Psycognition for Cognitive Adaptive System Design