Karmen Guevara is an independent consultant and research scientist specialising in the sociocultural and psychological dimensions of future technologies, human requirements for the design of next generation technologies, and Psycognitive sociocultural analysis. She has worked with a wide variety of clients in the UK, Europe and internationally. Her extensive experience spans a wide range of industry sectors from energy, intelligence, finance and technology to gaming and defence.  

Areas of Expertise

Research Studies and Investigations
  • Technology Foresight
  • The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Individuals, Cultures and Society
  • Psycognitive Analysis of Individuals, Cultures and Societies, and the Inter-relationships with Information Communication Technologies
  • Psycognitive Socio-Cultural Analysis
  • Psycognition - Analysis of Subconscious Processes Underlying Behavioural Strategies


Design - Human Centered Design
  • Human Requirements for Emerging Internet Technologies
  • Human-Computer Interaction: The Design of Next-Generation Technologies
  • Human Privacy Requirements for Internet Technologies
  • Psycognition for Cognitive Adaptive System Design